Living with Depression…Look to the Earth Angels!

Have you ever felt like you’re at your end and you don’t know how to carry on?

I think that at times everyone feels that way. However for many, and a growing amount of people if the news is to be believed, life is becoming an every day struggle. When looking around at the world which can look so bleak with news of more people abused, celebrities who have taken advantage of their fame thinking they can live to their own code and politicians who seem to be screwing the system, it doesn’t look great on the big scale. Life is tough on the micro level with financial difficulties, even down to the struggles of buying the weekly food shop and difficult home lives with broken relationships and stressful work situations. Plus, watching others having the ‘time of their lives’ on Facebook and Twitter can make it all seem worse.

I have in the past felt desperate and questioned the point of life – to the point of wishing it were over. Recently I have been faced with this again through somebody close to me who is living with depression and regularly wishing to die. I know it sounds heavy, but I truly believe that there is a way through and an answer to this.

Depression is a growing state and it’s completely debilitating, preventing you from enjoying life and being free to find true fulfilment. I don’t profess to be an expert or counsellor, but I feel compelled to speak up and begin to put some hope out into the world and say that life can change and that there is a future.

One thing that has helped me is my faith in God and if that’s not something in which you feel the same, I think that there are positive messages that can be taken and held onto which can pick you up in tough times. My aim is to put some positive messages into a world that is sad and in need of hope.

A thought that has been going through my head recently comes from a verse in the Bible. It’s from a very famous psalm that you will probably have heard before. Psalm 23 – ‘The Lord is my Shepherd’. The particular bit that has been going through my head is where it says…

‘Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for you are with me. Your rod and your staff they comfort me.’

If you know someone, or are yourself thinking of ending your own life it’s like you’re walking through death valley. There seems no light, like you’re all alone and no one can help you. There’s a pressure not to show how you really feel for fear of being misunderstood which compounds the feeling of being alone. In actual fact, you’re not alone. God is there walking beside you and if you can’t feel Him or don’t even believe he exists, you will see that there are people in your life that are right by you to support and carry you through.

We as people are here to help one another through the darkness…maybe you’re the one walking along side someone in a dark place?…keep up the support, you might be the one thing that’s keeping them going.

If you’re feeling alone, just think of the person in your life who is cheering you on and believing in you when others don’t. I think they’re like earth angels, messengers from above, sent to walk alongside…look up, you are not alone!

Here are a couple of songs that link into the thoughts above:

Matt Redman ‘You Never Let Go’ to listen click here

Michael Jackson ‘You Are Not Alone’ to listen click here

4 Replies to “Living with Depression…Look to the Earth Angels!”

  1. I have depression too and my faith keeps me going. I know God keeps an eye on me and I often feel his presence.

  2. Liked this a lot!
    Was around (and backstage) a few times over the weekend, but didn’t see you to say hi. Fantastic few days…hope you’re starting to recover! 🙂 x

  3. Liked this a lot! Was backstage a few times over the weekend, but didn’t see you to say hi. Great weekend though…you were fab. 🙂 x

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